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"Más de treinta minutos que pasan en un abrir y cerrar de ojos. La música transita con elegancia, desapercibida y con sutileza; tres composiciones complejas y de inigualable belleza que se añaden a los éxitos del género ambient. Absent Light – In Paradisum es un trabajo perfecto para disfrutar mientras se busca la calma, se disfruta de un buen libro o simplemente, si desea regalarle sensaciones a sus oídos. ¡Magistral!." -, January 15, 2022


Features Meditazioni sulla Dharmachakra, commissioned by Francesco and Elena.

nv6251 - dimensions - front cover517x517

Features Athens Philharmonia Orchestra's recording of Bonzai Down on Navona Records. It is one in a compilation of other orchestra works by living composers.


"Like the symbol of the elephant, the works on this album are strong and powerful, representing the search for truth. The instruments, whether they be piano, harp, vibraphone, electric guitars, or electronics, build patiently, gathering up every second to create one living, breathing force."

RR7994 - Mind and Machine - Vol 1 - Fron

"The album contains 6 tracks (48 min, 16 sec) and hands down, no hesitation, the highlight is Bill Whitley's beautifully constructed 'Absent Light' which sucks you in. This is the one track where I was disappointed when it was all over. A truly beautiful piece."


"...the intoxicating effect of the five chamber works presented on I Dream Awake can be explained more simply by citing their creator's exceptional command of melody and compositional form. The music on this engaging set ravishes the ear, so much so that it stands head and shoulders above other recordings of its ilk."

Textura eZine, August 2017

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