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Built in 1898 the James Monaghan Mansion--now, and since 1942 the home of Gonzaga University's music department--was for many years believed to be haunted. In addition to reports of disembodied footsteps, doors dramatically opening themselves, and sudden appearances of hostile presences, there were also reports of the organ playing itself...

...which is where I, primarily an organ student at the time, spent a majority of my time. This piece was written entirely at the organ, on that organ while an organ and piano student at Gonzaga. Written in four layers as if for organ, in the end I found that it sounded much better on the piano. It has never been performed or recorded on organ.

The working title was "Excorsising Monaghan".  The finished piece sounded less ghostly and more like a lullaby. Whether or not it was James doing the haunting, I thought it best to offer the lullaby to him.

--Bill Whitley, 2023

For James: a kind of lullaby (1993)

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