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Bill's earliest notated, and only works for solo piano, composed between 1986 and 1994. Same pieces featrued on the Labyrinth Walk: Music for Piano recording. Includes:


"How Long Will You Forget Me" (1986) (based on Psalm 13)

"Out of the Depths" (1987) (based on Psalm 130)

"Still Life" (1992)

"Labyrinth Walk" (1992)

"For James" (1993)

"Lydian Improvisations" (1993)

    1. Pastorale

    2. Canticle

    3. Waltz

"The Uncarved Block" (1994)

"The Circles" (1994)

Labyrinth Walk - Music for Piano 1987-1994 (Sheet Music)

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